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Entrepreneurship Week: A Call for Innovation (Pitch Day)

Hosted by Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP), BME EDGE and Innovation Factory


Location: Zayed 2117, Medical Campus

Young Innovators in Hopkins community Showcasing their ideas, prototypes and startups.

Judges will include:

  Henry Anh, Program Manager for TEDCO Technology Funding Programs

  Bob Storey, Managing Director, MVR Companies

  Deb Tillett, President and Executive Director of ETC, Emerging Technology Center

  Anti Korhonoen, CEO of Ekahau

  Dr.  Chuck Montague, Director of Business Development at JHU Dept. of Biomedical    Engineering

  Dr. Renu Gupta, CMO of Insmed

  Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew (Carey Business School)


Description of Awards

Winners in the medical product/prototype categories are sponsored by MEP and will win up to $8000 funding which includes a  $1000 cash prize, a sponsored trip to India ($2000 prize in global category only), and  up to $5000 in materials/resources cost with the promise to commit to work with MEP for a minimum of a year in the development and commercialization of their ideas.

Winners in the medical idea categories are sponsored by MEP and will receive a $250 cash price as well as the opportunity to work with MEP to obtain greater funds throughout the year.

Winners in the general venture categories are sponsored by BME EDGE and Innovation Factory and will be eligible for the cash prizes.